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Berlin Fringe: Edinburgh Fringe’s Little Sister Festival

You’ve probably heard of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the month-long arts festival that takes place in the Scottish capital every year, but chance are you haven’t heard of the Berlin Fringe Festival.

The Berlin Fringe is a very small comedy festival that sees around 20 performers perform at the Comedy Café in Berlin in the last few weeks of July. There are usually 1-2 shows per night over a 2-week period and, if you’re living in Berlin or visiting Berlin at the end of July, it’s a great opportunity to see some out-of-town performers.

In 2018, around 20 different performers came to Berlin including Mark Watson, Sofie Hagen, and Garry Starr (Damien Warren-Smith). Performances were a mixture of stand-up, clowning, and absurdist acts.

Like Edinburgh, some shows hit and some didn’t, but overall it’s great to get a chance to see performances like this.

Comedy Café Berlin

The Comedy Café Berlin is Berlin’s first international and alternative comedy café, and it normally has several improv and standup acts each week (with a strong focus on improv). It’s also a comedy school, and you can learn the art of improv and standup comedy through workshops and weekly classes.

They do a great cheese toastie but, if you fancy something more substantial to eat, look out for restaurants on Sonnenallee or nearby Weserstraße. Sonnenallee has plenty of Arabic restaurants and Mae Charoen Thai Imbiss, a popular Thai imbiss, while there are a lot of hipster bars and restaurants further along Weserstraße.

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