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Get €10 Cabify Credit

Travelling to Spain (or any of the places listed below)? Get €10 or equivalent off your next taxi ride there when you use Cabify. Simply sign up at using this link. Cabify is like Uber, but a slightly classier version of Uber. The cars that Cabify drivers drive are […]

Woman sleeping using Hibermate eye mask and muffs

Review: Hibermate Sleep Mask

One of the downsides of full-time travel is that you often end up staying in noisy apartments or noisy neighbourhoods, and so a decent pair of earplugs (or a Hibermate sleeping mask) is an essential item to bring with you. I once spent a week above a bar in Cais […]

New York souvenir shop

4 of the Best Things to Buy in New York

It’s hard to go to New York without buying anything. Whether it’s a souvenir, something that would be cheaper than back home, or just an offbeat purchase, nobody leaves the Big Apple without some kind of memento of their trip. A tacky (or non-tacky) souvenir New York vendors have plenty […]


15 Online Shops that Deliver to Ireland

If you regularly shop online in Ireland, there’s a good chance that you do a good proportion of your online shopping with businesses overseas. Amazon, ASOS, Littlewoods – so many of the places that we shop at are based in the UK, or maybe as far away in the US. […]


Does Amazon Deliver to Ireland?

Amazon is one the top 10 most visited websites in Ireland – and that list includes the likes of Facebook and Youtube as well. In terms of selection and price, it’s fair to say that no other retailer in Ireland comes even remotely close to offering what Amazon offers. This […]


Review: Topcashback

TopCashback is easily one of my favourite websites. Every time I book a hotel, flight, arrange car rental, or go to buy something through Amazon or any other website, I always check to see whether they’re listed on a cashback website like (or in the UK). Wait! What’s a cashback website? Cashback […]


5 great gifts to bring back from Portugal

If you haven’t already been to Portugal, chances are it’s on your bucket list. Over the past few years, Lisbon has quickly risen from relative obscurity to becoming one of the most popular places to visit in Europe (and maybe even in the world). Visiting Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, or […]