View over Edinburgh's rooftops

Finding Long Term Accommodation in Edinburgh, Scotland

Finding a place to live is never easy but, thankfully, finding long term accommodation in Edinburgh is a relatively straight-forward process. Having spent several years living in Edinburgh, I’m more than familiar with the joys of renting here so, hopefully, this guide will make it that little bit easier to […]

three screenplays on a table
Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads Careers: Screenwriter

I recently read What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding, a travel memoir by Kristin Newman. Newman has worked as a TV writer for shows like Chuck and That ’70s Show and, in between writing gigs, travelled extensively around the world. Reading her memoir got me thinking: could screenwriting be a […]

Croissant App showing Berlin co-working spaces
Digital Nomads

Review: Croissant Co-Working App for Digital Nomads

Enjoy working from co-working spaces, but move around too much to benefit from the reduced cost of a monthly (or even weekly) membership? There’s an app for that: Croissant and they’re offering a 1-week trial. Croissant offers three membership levels: Explorer, Creator, and Luminary. Explorer, the cheapest option at €19 […]

doctor with laptop and patient
Digital Nomads

6 Health Insurance Options for Digital Nomads

Health insurance can be a confusing topic for digital nomads, and even more so for health insurance companies. While expat health insurance policies do exist, they are normally designed for expats that permanently live in one foreign country. Until recently, most digital nomads and long-term travellers have relied on travel […]

street performer at Edinburgh festival

4 Restaurants to Visit during the Edinburgh Festival

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – in Edinburgh anyway. “Edinburgh Festival” is a collective name for the many different festivals that are happening during the month of August in Edinburgh. In short it’s a month-long spectacle of stand up comedy, street performances, theatre, literature, music and more. […]

cat and dog cuddling
Budget Travel

How to Find House Sitting Jobs

I’ve house sat throughout Europe, looking after everything from cats and dogs to turtles and once, even a farm of alpacas. In exchange for walking the dog, feeding the cat or watering the plants, I was able to stay in all of these properties for free, sometimes on house sits […]

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Get €10 Cabify Credit

Travelling to Spain (or any of the places listed below)? Get €10 or equivalent off your next taxi ride there when you use Cabify. Simply sign up at using this link. Cabify is like Uber, but a slightly classier version of Uber. The cars that Cabify drivers drive are […]

Woman sleeping using Hibermate eye mask and muffs

Review: Hibermate Sleep Mask

One of the downsides of full-time travel is that you often end up staying in noisy apartments or noisy neighbourhoods, and so a decent pair of earplugs (or a Hibermate sleeping mask) is an essential item to bring with you. I once spent a week above a bar in Cais […]