Outsite: Upmarket Co-Living & Co-Working Spaces Around the World

pool at the Bali coworking retreat
The Pool at Outsite’s Bali venue

Co-living is a rapidly growing trend where digital nomads can live with other digital nomads all over the world. Outsite alone has co-living properties in more than 10 different locations around the world including New York, Bali, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and several locations in California like Venice Beach, Santa Cruz, and San Diego. The majority of these properties are in the United States, but they’re opening more and more locations in Europe and Asia.

In it’s simplest terms, an Outsite venue is essentially a boutique hostel with co-working. They’re not the only company specialising in co-living retreats either: Individuals and companies all over the world are opening digital nomad-friendly venues all over the world – anywhere that’s interesting and has great Wi-Fi.

Who’s it for?

Outsite caters for two main groups of people: digital nomads and businesses in need of a venue for a company retreat. The main group of those two is digital nomads.

Group of people at Outsite's NYC venue
Meeting other people is often one of the hardest parts of the nomad lifestyle

Being a digital nomad is great, but it’s often a difficult lifestyle. Finding work is obviously the main challenge, but that’s fairly covered by the wide number of digital nomad job sites out there. The hardest part is probably meeting other people.

You can go to meetups and co-working spaces, but often it isn’t as easy to make friends (and network) as it should be. Living with other digital nomads for a couple of nights, a week, a month, or more, hopefully will help solve that problem.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the location and type of room. In locations like Bali, Portugal (Lisbon), Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, a private room usually costs somewhere around $80 for a single night. In more expensive locations like New York and California, the cost is often between $100 and $130 per night.

Bedroom at Outsite's NYC house
A room at Outsite NYC

Shared rooms are cheaper so, if you’re happy sharing a room in a dorm-like situation, this could be a way to cut down on accommodation costs.

Generally, the costs don’t seem particularly more expensive than a hotel or Airbnb in the same location: $130 room a room in Williamsburg in New York is definitely reasonable, as are the prices in most other places.

The main difference between Outsite and any other form of accommodation is the workspace. Having a place to work from, that isn’t your hotel bed, is a big bonus and saves you from having to book into a co-working space.

The co-working space at Outsite's Venice Beach venue
The co-working space at Outsite’s Venice Beach venue

There will always be cheaper options, of course, and, if cost is a concern, you could stay at somewhere cheaper and join a local meetup group for digital nomads instead.

Is the membership upgrade worth it?

You don’t have to be an Outsite member to use their venues, so is it worth it?

Basically, it depends on how often you expect to stay at their properties. Membership costs $199 per year, which is quite a lot of money: it could buy you a 2-night stay at many of their venues or any other hotel, hostel, or Airbnb.

The main benefit of membership is a discount on your stay so, if you’re going to stay in Outsite venues a lot, it could be worth it. If you’re not sure, it probably isn’t.

Outsite offers 10% off nightly rates, 20% off weekly rates, and 30% off monthly rates. This could be worthwhile if you plan to spend a few weeks or more at either one Outsite venue or several across a whole year.

Membership also gets you better quality rooms, particularly en-suite rooms, which again could be worth it if you’re planning to use Outsite a lot. I generally avoid hotel rooms with shared bathrooms, so would welcome any membership that made it easier to get an en-suite bathroom.

Have you stayed at an Outsite venue? Let us, and other digital nomads, know how it went by leaving a review below. 

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