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Review: Croissant Co-Working App for Digital Nomads

Croissant App showing Berlin co-working spaces
Croissant App showing Berlin co-working spaces

Enjoy working from co-working spaces, but move around too much to benefit from the reduced cost of a monthly (or even weekly) membership? There’s an app for that: Croissant and they’re offering a 1-week trial.

Croissant offers three membership levels: Explorer, Creator, and Luminary. Explorer, the cheapest option at €19 per month, allows you to work in a co-working space for 10 hours. Luminary, the most expensive at €149 per month, gives you 120 hours. You also get free guest hours (20 on Luminary) and unused hours can carry over.

Of course, the biggest benefit is that you can work from any co-working space in Croissant’s network. Currently, Croissant has co-working spaces in Berlin, Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Paris, to name but a few places.

Is 120 Hours Enough?

It’s a good idea unless you’re a workaholic digital nomad. 120 hours per month is just 30 hours per week or 6 hours per day if you work a 5-day week. For some people, that would be more than enough. For others, it would be way too few hours and would require you to purchase more hours (which Croissant say is possible).

Despite all the good intentions and aspirations of working less, or working smarter, most digital nomads tend to work at least a 40 hour week. Many work 60 or even 80 hours every week, while others have sudden spurts when a big contract comes through.

Unfortunately, for those people, 120 hours just isn’t enough. It may be enough for you, however. Also, if you’re working from a city like New York or Los Angeles where co-working is likely to be expensive, maybe it makes more financial sense to book through Croissant rather than book directly with a co-working space.

Does Croissant make financial sense?

In Berlin, for example, co-working spaces range from around €100 per month to several hundred euros. That €100 per month gives you at least 40 hours per week access, and in some cases access 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

If you’re staying in one location for a month, it probably makes more financial sense to join the co-working space directly. Some co-working spaces also offer half-month memberships, or even weekly memberships, and it’s worth comparing that against one of Croissant’s memberships.

If you move around a lot, though, Croissant makes a lot of financial sense. Co-working in most major cities typically costs €10-20, which would end up costing you somewhere between €200 and €400 or potentially more. There’s also the added benefit of being able to keep all your costs (and with that receipts) in one place.

Have you tried Croissant (or any other co-working app)? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a review or comment below. 


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